Rocker Tom Petty died from massive drug OD – report

American rock legend Tom Petty died from a massive accidental drug overdose after taking a lethal concoction of medications, according to the LA County Coroner. His autopsy report says several of Petty’s organs failed due to “mixed drug toxicity“. Petty went into a cardiac arrest in October 2017...
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Midland Police investigating suspected overdose death

Midland Police officers are investigating the death of a 24-year-old man whose body was found in an apartment earlier this month as a possible drug overdose. The death was reported on the afternoon of Jan. 3, bringing officers to the Lee Anne Apartments, 1024 Eastlawn Drive. The case...
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Tom Petty Died of a Drug Overdose

Tom Petty died of an overdose consisting of at least six powerful prescription drugs, a coroner in Los Angeles found. Petty’s family, who issued a statement on his personal website late Friday, described the overdose as accidental, stemming from a persistent hip injury that steadily worsened as Petty … ...
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