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Heroin, fentanyl kill more in Cook and Will counties than crashes

Since his death due to a heroin overdose they have started Serenity Family Outreach, … Michael Schofield calls heroin “an equal-opportunity drug.”.
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Heroin, fentanyl kill more in Cook and Will counties than crashes

One thought on “Heroin, fentanyl kill more in Cook and Will counties than crashes

  1. Paul Kersey says:

    I lived in a drug infested neighborhood. The neighborhood had ENDLESS amounts of drugs.
    There were people dealing out of storefronts, 3 doors down from the police, people dealing on street corners, alleys, streets, porches, sidewalks, there were lines going into houses and lines going into homes. It was BEYOND an epidemic, it was the norm. I’ve met prostitutes who slept with officers and mayors. Many of these Chicago towns have had cases where officers got in trouble for dealing drugs.

    Yes, drugs are bad, but the legality of the drugs are far worse than the health risks.
    I’ve met users that were mixing heroin, weed, cocaine, and alcohol. They’ve been using 10,15, 20 years and still alive.

    Take a look at these neighborhoods. You think these thugs have submarines to sneak this stuff in? These people don’t even have cars! This stuff is being let in.

    Many of the drug dealers and drug addicted prostitutes in these neighborhoods were working for the DEA.
    The drug addicted prostitutes were given permission to use drugs in exchange for information on dealers and users.
    The war on drugs is a pest control problem. They don’t want to eliminate the problem, they just want to keep them under control. What they don’t want are suburbanites ( who have a job and nice home ) traveling to the ghetto to buy. They don’t want the drugs to leave the ghetto. There’s LOTS OF MONEY in the ghetto.

    When too many suburbanites go into the ghetto to buy, that’s when the DEA gives dealers/prostitutes TAINTED/POISONED drugs to distribute. This is the war on drugs. They don’t fight it for humanitarian reasons. They need revenue. They’re knowingly distributing these drugs on the streets.

    Our government could care less about lower income people. They only try to protect the neighborhoods with tax payers/productive citizens.

    Sounds like a conspiracy theory, but it’s all true. Rehab clinics will tell you that there’s street teams of cars following known dealers/users all over Illinois. Just to see if they’re dealing. They don’t want dealers.
    With users they force rehab on them. If they don’t pick up their surveillance hints, then they poison the drugs.

    Back in the 80s, Reagan went to congress for money to fund Nicaraguan rebels to fight the Soviets. When congress refused to give money, that’s when the CIA pumped drugs into neighborhoods to fund war. This was all proven fact by Gary Webb. He won a Pulitzer Prize for exposing the drug war. Look up the Dark Alliance reports.

    The very same people who are pushing the “just say no” agenda are busy teaming up with dealers/addicts to pump drugs into the streets… just to catch more dealers.

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